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Angie Kwan

Mar 28, 2023 12:18 PM

March 24, 2023

Status column

You can now see the publishing status of your events on the dashboard! Published events means all changes are live. Saved events are also live, but there are some saved changes that haven't been published and made live yet.

Features & improvements

  • Invitations – Fixed bug where users were getting removed from Google Calendar when events with calendar invitations turned on were updated
  • Slack channels – Fixed bug that was archiving existing Slack channels if the same name was inputted for a new channel
  • Slack channels – Fixed bug that was disabling the Slack channel creation date if the date passed and the event was saved, but not published
  • Surveys – Survey responses will now be persisted on the web app when editing a questionnaire or feedback form
  • Surveys – Fixed bug where rearranging and deleting survey questions would cause an error and remove unsaved changes
  • Surveys – Fixed bug where a survey submission with no responses to a fully optional survey wouldn't appear in the CSV
  • Reminders – Fixed bug where guests who joined the Zoom meeting didn't receive reminders sent afterwards
  • Insights page – Fixed bug where "Attended" pill wasn't appearing until after events ended
  • Insights page – Fixed bug where communications dashboard and insights pages were showing different confirmation numbers
  • Insights page – Pending status is now sorted alphabetically
  • Communications – Fixed bug where in-progress events wouldn't appear in Slack announcements
  • Outlook Calendar – Added all-day events

March 6, 2023

Outlook Calendar integration

Our beta for Outlook Calendar integration is here! We’ll automatically sync invitations, guests, and event updates with your Outlook Calendar account. To learn more about our beta launches, see our beta features page.

Features & improvements

  • Surveys – Fixed bug where questionnaires couldn't submitted for a full event
  • Calendar – Fixed bug where selecting "no one" for guest list visibility still showed guests on the calendar invitation
  • Insights – Fixed bug where number of feedback responses submitted was inconsistent with actual responses

March 2, 2023

"Interested" is now "Maybe"

We heard your feedback: it wasn't clear what it meant to be Interested in an event. We've changed the terminology across our platform to Maybe and added pop-ups before an employee confirms their status.

Features & improvements

  • Discover – Fixed the confirmed count to include incomplete guests on the event page
  • Discover – Fixed the confirmed section to include attended guests (excluding drop-ins)
  • Create event – Fixed bug on create new Slack channel field
  • Create event – Fixed bugs related to creating survey questions and switching between "Start from scratch" and "Use a template"
  • Insights – Added "(Guest)" after an external guest's name
  • Insights – Fixed bug on status filter showing no results
  • Insights – Fixed sent questionnaire count to include attended guests (excluding drop-ins)
  • Insights – Fixed sent feedback form count to exclude external guests
  • Insights – Fixed bug where edit and delete options appeared for sent feedback form requests
  • Insights – Added a "Pending" status for guests with a status before an event was updated
  • General – Fixed bug for tab bar scrolling on mobile

February 16, 2023

Send invitations for content

You can now send Slack invitations to let employees know that they've been invited to view content! The automated Slack message will link directly to the content page where they can access the link and provide feedback.

Features & improvements

  • Editor – Removed auto-save
  • Editor – Save does not publish changes, but saves changes to the draft
  • Editor – New publish button makes changes live to employees
  • Editor – New pop-up when exiting with unsaved changes
  • Editor – New pop-up when exiting with unpublished changes
  • Editor – New pop-up when unpublishing
  • Editor – Archived items are disabled and need to be unarchived for editing

February 8, 2023

Features & improvements

  • Dashboard – Removed participants column and migrated data to insights pages
  • Dashboard – Added column for attended guests for past events
  • Surveys – Feedback forms will be sent to attended guests for events with Zoom integration
  • Surveys – Save button will be enabled when survey questions are reordered
  • Admin settings – Selecting teams for a team admin will appear as a number instead of tags
  • Profile – Upcoming and past events will show the correct location
  • Zoom – Participants without an email will appear as an external guest
  • Zoom – Fixed bug where Zoom meetings couldn't be removed
  • Slack – Fixed bug where Slack channels were being archived in 7 days instead of 48 hours

February 1, 2023

Choose to send invitations

You can now choose whether you want to send Slack and calendar invitations to guests. This is a great way to avoid spamming employees if you're creating multiple options for the same event. Employees will only receive calendar invitations when they confirm.

Features & improvements

  • Discover – Tabs are ordered alphabetically
  • Calendar – Invitees added to a published event will receive calendar email notifications
  • Waitlist – Waitlisted guests won't be added to the calendar invitation
  • Waitlist – Private event guests will be added to the waitlist when capacity is full
  • Create event – Changed default settings for sending calendar invitations to confirmed guests to "yes"
  • Feedback form – Both attended and confirmed users will receive feedback forms
  • Insights – Updated ordering in the attendees section based on last updated status
  • Insights – Status tags will be hidden if there are no guests with that status
  • Insights – Added attended status to the insights page for events with Zoom integration
  • Insights – Added Zoom attendance column to attendees section and CSV report
  • Zoom – No-show's will only appear after an event ends
  • Zoom – Guests can join meetings before the event start time
  • Zoom – Attended guests won't be switched to confirmed due to calendar sync
  • Zoom – Attended and no-show guests won't appear before the event start time
  • Zoom – Confirmed guests won't show as drop-in's
  • Slack – Employees won't be kicked out of existing Slack channels
  • Slack – Existing Slack channels won't be archived
  • General – Updated Help Center link in the web app navigation for admins

January 12, 2023

Features & improvements

  • Invitees – Slack invitations will be sent to public event invitees
  • Slack – Admins can auto-archive Slack channels created by Epoch
  • Calendar – Updated Epoch-generated default text and links in calendar invitations
  • Create event– Paragraph breaks in the description field will appear on the event page and calendar
  • Create event – Added word wrapping to the email reminder message field
  • Zoom – Fixed events with Zoom meeting links that aren't associated with Zoom accounts
  • Zoom – Zoom meeting links generated by deactivated admins can be replaced by active admins
  • Login – Added login to our website

December 21, 2022

Email templates

We refreshed our automated email templates! There's a bigger focus on the event cover photo, formatting is consistent across all emails, and there's clear and concise copy to indicate RSVP status. We also added a direct link to contact our support team in the email footer.

Features & improvements

  • Invitees – Deactivated accounts will be automatically removed from Epoch events and calendar invitations
  • Admin settings – Super admins can see all events on the Discover page
  • Admin settings – Added a banner when admins are viewing a private event page that they aren't invited to
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