Google Calendar integration guide

Meg Dietrich

Apr 29, 2024 11:33 AM

Epoch’s Google Calendar integration gives you direct control over your Epoch events in Google Calendar. The changes you make in Epoch and Google Calendar will be automatically synced. For employees, they can clearly identify you as the event organizer.

Read on for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to set up the Google Calendar integration.



Setting up the Google Calendar integration

Note: If you don't complete these steps and try to create an event, you'll be prompted to set up your integration.

1. Go to Dashboard.

2. Go to the Integrations page in the sidebar.

3. Under "Your integrations", click on the Connect button for Google Calendar.

4. If you have multiple accounts, select your company email account. Click Allow.

You're all done! If you go to Google Calendar, you'll see that a new calendar has been added. It will appear as "First_Name Last_Name’s Epoch Calendar".

Your events from Epoch will be created under this calendar. All of your Epoch event calendar invitations will be sent from the email account you connect. This allows you to directly make any last minute modifications required on the calendar.

Setting up a shared service account

Steps to set it up
  1. Create a New Employee Account: Establish a new account within your company’s email service/HRIS, treating it like a regular user of Epoch. For example, if you use Gmail, set up an account such as
  2. Obtain Account Credentials: Request the necessary login credentials for this new account from your company’s IT/SSO owner.
  3. Activate on Epoch: Sign into Epoch using an admin account, then create events using this new shared account.

Sharing the account

Distribute the login credentials among your admins to facilitate access. Ensure the shared use is in compliance with your company’s privacy and security policies.

Removing your Google calendar integration

If you want to disconnect your Google calendar integration, go to your Admin calendar in Google calendar (first name last name's Epoch Calendar) and delete it. Now, when you go to the integrations page in Epoch, it will no longer show Connected. You can reconnect it at any time.


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