Slack integration guide

Brendan Knowles

Dec 18, 2023 11:54 AM

The Slack integration helps you create, announce, and remind employees about events and initiatives at your company.

Read on for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to set up the Slack integration.

Setting up the Slack integration

Note: Before you begin, verify if your company uses Slack (Pro or Business+) or Slack Enterprise. If your company uses Slack Enterprise, see our Slack Enterprise integration guide.

1. Connect your Slack Workspace Admin with the Epoch team ( so Epoch can provide the user with Epoch Admin access.

2. This step is for your Company’s Slack Workspace Admin: Log in on Epoch as an Admin on your company web app ( This will be available to you and your team once your company has officially partnered with Epoch!

3. Set up a new Slack channel in your company's workspace and please invite Epoch Admins only for them to test (e.g. name the channel #epoch-test).

4. Hover on your profile image in the top right and navigate to the Dashboard.

5. Select Integrations in the side bar and then click Connect next to Slack.


6. After selecting Connect, click Add to Slack in the pop-up. Note: If your company uses Slack Enterprise, follow the instructions here.

7. Once connected to Slack, follow this video clip here to complete a test Slack promotion to make sure everything is working smoothly.

Note: employees won't need to add the app manually, as soon as they interact with an event (especially on Slack) it will activate the notifications to come from the Epoch Slackbot under the Apps section.


If you come across any issues or something isn't looking right, please reach out to

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