Calendar overview

Angie Kwan

May 21, 2024 2:45 PM

Calendar settings when creating an event

You can create a corresponding calendar event for any Epoch event. This calendar event will be automatically synced with its associated Epoch event, providing important data like RSVPs.

Create calendar event

  1. When creating a event, go to the Reminders step.
  2. Select Yes for "Create calendar event?"
  3. Publish the event.

Choose when guests are added to calendar

  1. When creating a event, go to the Reminders step.
  2. Select Yes for "Create calendar event?"
  3. Select either When guests are invited or When guests RSVP for "When do you want to add guests to calendar?"
  4. Publish the event.

Selecting When guests are invited means that guests will be added to the calendar event immediately after being invited. Selecting When guests RSVP means that guests will not be added to the calendar until they RSVP with confirm or maybe.

How Epoch events appear on calendar


The calendar event can support text that isn't an actual address in the location field. For example, you could put "Meeting Room 3B."

The location field can also display multiple addresses (e.g. separated by a comma), but calendar will only identify the first address as an actual location. We recommend only including 1 address in the location, and if needed, put additional locations in the event description.


The calendar description populates the description text from the Epoch event from our web app. We recommend that admins keep this in mind when uploading their events and choosing descriptions during event creation. Shorter descriptions are more concise and increase the chances of being fully read by employees!

Epoch will also add a link to the event page link and virtual meeting link (if applicable) by default.


As employees register on the Epoch web app, Slack, or calendar event, the calendar event updates with the employee's status of Yes, Maybe, and No.

Syncing information between Epoch and calendar

All Epoch information will be synced with calendar. For example, if you change the event location or start time on Epoch, they will appear in the calendar event as well.

The only calendar information that syncs back to Epoch is the guest list. Guests added to the calendar event directly and everyone's RSVP will appear in Epoch.

Frequently asked questions

Why can't I change my calendar settings?

Once there are existing guests in your event, we don't allow changes to creating calendar events and choosing when guests are added to calendar.

This is because we want to create a consistent experience for guests, while ensuring they are not receiving unnecessary notifications related to the calendar being created and deleted.

What if someone RSVPs as maybe? 

If someone RSVPS as maybe, they will be added to the calendar event and marked as Maybe.

What happens if I change the start time or date?

Changing the start date or time of an event will reset all attendees' statuses to "Pending". For example, if you have 20 confirmations and make a change to the start date, it will be reset to 0 confirmations. This is because attendees will need to update their RSVP depending on if the new date and/or time still works for them.

Please note that this will not remove invitees.

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