How does registration cutoff work?

Angie Kwan

Jun 16, 2023 11:04 AM

Registration cutoff prevents employees from confirming into your event after a set date and time.

This is a great feature to use if your event requires pre-work, ordering supplies, or booking logistics. You can finalize headcount and plan appropriately for your events.

Setting up registration cutoff

  1. Create or edit an event.
  2. Go to the Guests step.
  3. Select Yes for "Set registration cutoff time?"
  4. Choose date and time.
  5. Publish the event to save your changes.

Guests who aren't confirmed yet

If a guest tries to confirm on Slack, they will be blocked with a pop-up.

If a guest tries to confirm on Epoch, the RSVP buttons will be hidden.

If a guest tries to confirm on calendar, there will be descriptive on the calendar event explaining the cutoff time has passed. If they click Yes, they will immediately receive a Slack message and email informing them that their spot isn't confirmed because registration has closed.

Note that guests who aren't confirmed can still change their RSVP to ""Maybe" or "Cancelled."

If you want to extend the cutoff date to allow more guests into the event, you can reach out to "Maybe" guests to encourage them to join.

Guests who are already confirmed

If a guest tries to change to Maybe or Cancel on Slack, we'll warn them that they won't be able to join the event again.

If a guest tries to cancel on Epoch, we'll warn them that they won't be able to join the event again.

If a guest tries to change to Maybe or No on calendar, guests will still see the descriptive text to let them know that registration is closed. Epoch doesn't have control over showing a pop-up.

Note that guests who are already confirmed can still submit or edit their questionnaire.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I have a waitlist after registration cutoff?

Employees will not be able to join the waitlist after registration is closed.

If a confirmed guest cancels, waitlisted guests will not be added to the event.

What happens if I set a registration cutoff date that has already passed?

As long as the date and time has passed, new guests will not be able to confirm into the event.

Existing confirmed guests will not be affected.

When can I turn on registration cutoff?

You can turn on registration cutoff up until the start time of the event.

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