Slack API scope and permissions

Angie Kwan

Aug 31, 2023 1:45 PM


A Slack app's capabilities and permissions are governed by the scopes it requests.

If your app is submitted to the Slack App Directory, we’ll review your reasons for requesting each scope. After your app is listed in the Directory, it will only be able to use permission scopes Slack has approved.

Bot scopes
  • channels:join: Join public channels in a workspace
  • + channels:manage: (create/archive/invite/kick own public channels)
  • channels:read: View basic information about public channels in a workspace
  • chat:write: Send messages as @epoch
  • chat:write.public: Send messages to channels @epoch isn't a member of
  • + groups:write: (create/archive/invite/kick own private channels)
  • groups:read: View basic information about private channels that Epoch has been added to
  • im:read: View basic information about direct messages that Epoch has been added to
  • im:write: Start direct messages with people
  • links:read: View URLs in messages
  • links:write: Show previews of URLs in messages
  • team:read: View the name, email domain, and icon for workspaces Epoch is connected to
  • users:read: View people in a workspace
  • View email addresses of people in a workspace

User scopes

*Enterprise installations only.

Slack features



  • Slack integration is used for internal comms and drip campaigns
  • Employees can RSVP to events directly on Slack, including automated waitlists
  • Customize and automate reminders on Slack for upcoming events
  • Create and archive Slack channels with confirmed guests added automatically
  • Use existing Slack channels for event communications
  • Promote events across all Slack channels with custom messaging and GIFs
  • Send automated questionnaires and feedback forms on Slack to guests
  • Event-related notifications (e.g. invited, uninvited, waitlist)
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