What are the different question types for surveys?

Angie Kwan

Aug 9, 2023 4:16 PM

Types of questions

There are 3 different question types when creating event questionnaires or feedback forms.

Long answer

Long answer is a freeform text field. Use this question type if you want to collect open-ended, written responses.

Multiple choice

Multiple choice allows employees to select only 1 option can be selected. Use this question type for things like yes or no questions.


Checkboxes allows employees to select 1 or more options. Use this question type for things like dietary restrictions.

What is "add other"?

If you "add other" to a multiple choice or checkboxes question, this will add an extra field labelled as "Other." Employees will be able to type anything they wish for the "Other" field if they select it. This is a great way to be inclusive if there are additional responses that may not be captured in your options.

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