What does each guest status mean?

Angie Kwan

Mar 21, 2023 4:45 PM

There are 8 possible statuses that a guest can have on the insights page for an event.

  • Attended: Appeared in the Zoom meeting. This status only appears for events with the Zoom integration used.
  • Cancelled: Declined on Slack, responded "No" on the calendar invitation, or cancelled their spot after confirming.
  • Confirmed: Confirmed on Slack, calendar, or the web app.
  • Incomplete: Confirmed, but didn't complete the questionnaire yet. Their spot is reserved for the event.
  • Interested: Responded "Interested" on Slack, calendar, or the web app. Their spot is not reserved for the event and they won't receive any event communications.
  • Invited: Invited during event creation. The guest may have received a Slack or calendar invitation depending on selected settings.
  • Pending: Previously had another status for this event, but the event was updated and all guests' statuses were reset.
  • Waitlisted: Joined the waitlist because the event was full. The guest will be automatically added to the event if a spot opens up.
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