What does it mean to save, publish, unpublish, archive, and unarchive?

Angie Kwan

Mar 21, 2023 3:42 PM

When you're creating and editing events, content, and templates, there are a number of actions you can take.


Save creates a draft and updates the draft once it's created. This means that if you exit and come back, your changes will be stored. However, changes won't be live and visible to employees yet.

Changes won't be automatically saved unless you click the Save button.

Saving without publishing is a great way to enable collaboration for events with multiple hosts, or events that need to be approved before they're live. This also gives admins more control over when information is shared with employees without losing changes.


Publish makes all changes for an item live.

  • Events: Visible to employees on the web app, calendar, and Slack.
  • Content: Visible to employees on the web app and Slack.
  • Templates: Visible when admins create events or content.


Unpublish moves the item to drafts.

  • Events: Won't appear on the Discover page anymore, but guests will still see this event on Google Calendar.
  • Content: Won’t appear on the Discover page anymore.
  • Templates: Won’t appear when admins create events or content anymore.


Archive removes the item and moves it to archived. This means it is not visible to employees and not editable by admins.


Unarchive moves the item from archived to drafts. This means it is not visible to employees, but editable by admins.

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