What is confirmations by platform?

Angie Kwan

Sep 6, 2023 9:49 AM

The "confirmations by platform" section on the insights page allows you to see which platforms are generating the most event confirmations from employees.

Get the insights you need to know which channels you should target to boost confirmations for future events.

What does each platform mean?

Calendar: An employee clicked Yes on the calendar event. Note that if an employee confirms on calendar but doesn't complete the event questionnaire, they will still be considered confirmed in this section.

Slack: An employee clicked Confirm on a Slack message with the event. This includes Slack announcements created on Epoch, Slack reminders, or messages with the event page link.

Event page: An employee clicked Confirm on the Epoch event page. They may have accessed this page through email, the event page link, or discovering it on the Epoch platform.

Why can't I see data for some past events?

In order to build this new feature, we needed to update how we calculate the confirmation source. To ensure we're providing you with accurate data, we are only displaying this data for events created after this feature is launched.

What happens if a guest changes their RSVP on another platform?

Data in this section will automatically update to show the source of a guest's latest RSVP.

What happens if I change my event's start time?

Since we need to reset all guests' statuses to "Pending" to ensure they are able to make the new time, data in this section will be lost. Confirmation data will re-populate as guests confirm back into the event.

Will I lose confirmation data if guests change their RSVP after an event ends?

Confirmation data will stop syncing when an event ends. This means that any historical data will be preserved.

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