What participation data can I get from the Zoom integration?

Angie Kwan

Mar 28, 2024 2:16 PM

What participation data is available?

With our Zoom integration, you'll be able to track attendance. There are 3 types of attendance:

  • Attended: The employee confirmed and joined the Zoom meeting.
  • Drop-in: The employee did not confirm to the event and joined the Zoom meeting.
  • No-show: The employee confirmed and did not join the Zoom meeting.

How to access Zoom participation data

  1. Go to Past tab in your Events Dashboard.
  2. Click on the event you're looking for to view the Insights page.
  3. Download a CSV of the guest list.
  4. View the CSV under attendance_type you will see the different types of attendance.
  5. You will also be able to view attendance_source, which shows whether this data was obtained from zoom or check-in

Note that attendance tracking is only available if you generate a meeting link within the event editor in Epoch.

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