Which metrics are available for reporting?

Brendan Knowles

Aug 10, 2023 1:02 PM

Here’s a list of data points we report:
  • First-time participation (weekly/monthly)
  • Year-to-date participation
  • Number of activated accounts
  • Number of participants in each event
  • Percentage of activated accounts versus total employees
  • Popularity of events
  • First-time participation and total participations per location
  • First-time participation and total participation per team
  • First-time participation and total participations per Epoch team
  • Number of events and total participations per tag
  • Total participation per RSVP location (Epoch app, Slack, and Calendar)
  • Qualitative and quantitative feedback from participants

Epoch works with you and your team to identify actionable and strategic metrics to measure: participants in each event (individual data), the best times to send out communications, and the best time to offer events (most participation based on time).

We can also provide customized visualized data upon request, provided the data is currently being tracked. If you are looking to have new data tracked beyond what is listed above, please let your CX Lead know and we can set up a meeting to discuss.

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