Zoom troubleshooting & FAQs

Meg Dietrich

Dec 4, 2023 10:48 PM

When I'm setting up the integration, it says “You cannot authorize the app.”

Ensure the Zoom account owner or admin has pre-approved the app and you have the necessary permissions in your Zoom account. If you are not a Zoom admin, a role with the following permissions is necessary:

  • Users: Edit
  • Usage Reports: View

1. To set these permissions for an employee, the Zoom account owner or admin must navigate to the User Management section and set a role with those permissions.

2. Navigate to the Users section and click on Edit for the employee.

3. Assign the newly created role to the employee by using the dropdown.

When I'm setting up the integration, it says “Unable to install this app...”

  1. Ensure the Zoom account owner or admin at your company has pre-approved the app.
  2. Once the app is pre-approved, try to connect your account again.

Why is my Zoom meeting link not populating?

Usually, this is because your authorization was not completed properly. If this occurs, please reconnect your Zoom integration following the steps below:

  1. Go to your Epoch Dashboard > Integrations
  2. Next to Zoom, you'll see the option to "Connect"
  3. Follow the steps to reconnect your Admin account to Epoch's Zoom integration
  4. Do a refresh of your browser then head back into the event to populate your link.

If this issue continues to occur, please contact us at support@epochapp.com.

Can I copy and paste my own Zoom link for an event?

Yes! Note that attendance tracking is only available if you generate a meeting link within the event editor in Epoch.

Can I use a different video conferencing tool other than Zoom for my event?

Yes! Copy and paste your meeting link into the Virtual meeting link field on the Basics step. This link will appear on the event page and calendar invitation. Note that attendance tracking is available with our Zoom integration.

Can I add a Zoom link to my event later?

Yes! Even if your event is published and employees have already started confirming into it, you can add the Zoom meeting link at any time and it will automatically update the event and calendar invite.

Why is the same guest showing up twice as "Confirmed" and "Attended" on the insights page?

This issue occurs when an employee joins a meeting multiple times, but Zoom doesn't record one of these instances with an email. When Epoch doesn't receive a guest's email, we track them as an external guest. We don't automatically merge them because multiple employees can have the same name.

You can download the CSV and merge these records yourself if it occurs for your event.

If you have a question about Epoch's Zoom integration that wasn't answered here, check out our Zoom integration guide or contact support@epochapp.com.

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