Insights overview

Angie Kwan

Mar 27, 2024 4:05 PM

What is the insights page?

This page allows admins to invite guests to their event and view all event-related information and data in one place, in real-time. Each section on the insights page can be downloaded into a CSV file with additional information.

How do I access the insights page?

  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. For published and past event, you can either click on the menu icon and Insights or click on the event title.

Sections on the insights page

Guest list

This section allows you to invite specific people to your event by clicking Invite guests. Select individuals, distrolists and/or paste a list of emails to invite to your event, then click Invite. You are able to control how invitations are sent to invitees. They will either receive a calendar invitation and/or Slack invitation, depending on what you select. If you choose Don't send, this will silently send the calendar hold with no notifications.

It also shows you a breakdown of RSVP statuses, as well as when the status was last updated. You can filter by RSVP status.

Click the Download CSV button to export attendee data.

Confirmations by platform

This section shows where the attendees signed up for the event through Slack, Calendar or the Epoch domain.

Reminders and announcements

This section aggregates all reminders and announcements that were sent or scheduled for the event. This can be helpful for organizing your comms or A/B testing which channels generate the most confirmations.

Event questionnaire and feedback form

Both of these sections capture survey responses in real-time. You can scroll through the questions and answers to extract insights.

The feedback form section will become available after an event has ended. Feedback forms are anonymous for privacy reasons, but if location and role are available in your HRIS, these fields will be synced with Epoch and you can segment your data.

Click the Download CSV button to export survey data.

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