Invite employees to an event

Angie Kwan

Mar 28, 2023 5:00 PM

How to access invitations

  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. Click on Create event.
  3. Go to the Invitees step.
  4. For private events, click into the Invitees field. For public events, select Yes for "Do you want to invite specific individuals to this event?" and then click into the Invitees field.

Differences between individuals, distrolists and import


Individuals are pulled into Epoch from your HRIS. Since the HRIS is synced with Epoch, any employee added or removed from the HRIS will also be reflected in Epoch.


If your company has the distrolist integration set up, you will see a list of all distrolists within the company. Selecting a distrolist means all employees in that group will be invited to the event.

Since distrolists are synced with Epoch, any employee added or removed from the distrolist will also be reflected in Epoch.


If you have a long list of employee emails from a calendar invite or CSV, you can copy and paste in emails separated by a space or comma. When you click import, these emails will be matched with the directory and automatically populated into the event.

If any of them appear in yellow, that means that they couldn't be matched with your directory and won't be added to the event.

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